Saturday, September 30, 2006

andTim loses post-off

andTim, you didnt post yesterday. therefore you are out. mike wins post-off.

in other news, i am not sure if he will post it, but andTim selects the Bears and Chargers to reach the Super Bowl this year. he was pretty critical of my Broncos and Cowboys Super Bowl but hey, i made the call before the year started and stand by it.

Friday, September 29, 2006

coffee anyone?

here are the coffee pots at my office. Most would expect a decision to be made between "Regular" and "Decaf", but at my office you do not have the traditional Decaf option. you must choose between "Regular" and "Strong". and believe me, the "Strong" is equivalent to approximately 12x the stength of what Starbucks considers a "Bold" brew. mmmm, delicious. also take special note of how the marketing of the word "Strong" in cursive is substantially more appealing than the regular Arial-like font of "Regular". that distinction typically pushes me into choosing the "Strong" brew.

Thursday, September 28, 2006

baseball walk to the plate song

have you ever noticed at professional baseball games (and maybe even college/high school/t-ball) each player has a get pumped up song as they walk from the on-deck circle to home plate? this is greatness. a little something exciting before each player steps in the batter's box. it is my understanding that each player chooses the tunage that plays during this time. so, i present the question of...

what would your theme song be?

i have thought about this for a while but have not ever come up with the perfect song. recently i have settled on "All Because of You" by U2. seriously, put this cd on and turn the volume up to near distortion and tell me the opening of this song isnt a good choice. however, i would also be alright with "Right Now" by Van Halen. the piano and guitar in the beginning...good stuff. my third choice would probably be "Take My Breath Away", just for the humor factor. the opening of that song is pretty unmistakable and would more than likely leave the pitcher confused and hopefully would throw four straight balls due to distraction.

More Children Left Behind

The idea of "No Child Left Behind" while considerate and compassionate, needs to be left behind. If a child wants compassion, that is where the parents come in- not the school.

I'm not saying that we start kicking 4th graders out for spelling mistakes, but 9th and 10th graders? Yes. The boot. If you can't meet the standard, you don't lower the standard, you drop the kid. Graduating high school has become more of a right than a privilege or an accomplishment in the more modern, more liberal American education system.

There are 2 very troubling things crippling America right now: 1- Jobs and Industries being sent abroad and 2) A lack of well-educated people to further the market place. I guess this is why every other engineer that I work with is Asian, Indian, or some other foreign ethnicity. The reason why? They're not smarter... they just work harder. Why do they work harder? They want to graduate from high school, college, and graduate school. They do this so that they can get good jobs and come to America to enjoy the twilight hours of our world dominance. Eventually we will turn into Europe and people will just come visit the more scenic and decadent places here while the rest of the country fades into oblivion from declining birth rates. (see blogs on hedonistic sexual philosophies as a by-product of the advancement and acceptance of the homosexual agenda)

We need to tighten up our standards across the board. We need to show the world that our diplomas on all levels not only equal theirs, but exceed them by a significant margin. And I'm back to selling heaters.....

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

andTim Returns: A Case for New (Old) Media

I apologize for my absence and will out-blog mike.

We need new media. Terrell Owens helped to inspire this, but many things have inspired it. I am sick of the "news". It is not objective, it is not trustworthy, and it caters to the interests of the advertisers who make the programming possible. Unfortunately, I have no good solution other than to tell everyone to use the Internet less and watch TV less. This would at least drive down the amount of attention that these outlets receive and make advertisers less prone to use them.

The problem is manufactured news. To be honest, I don't really care whether T.O. commits suicide or not. And to all of you people who do, you shouldn't; unless you personally know him or are related to him. But to continue with manufactured news...

There are dozens.. hundreds of news stories every year that are completely unimportant and irrelevant. The problem is... everything has to be sensationalized and discussed to death to drive ratings. I don't understand why we have to see the same news report 31 times on 14 different networks in the span of 20 minutes, but we do. News and ratings is a very chicken-and-egg situation in the modern world. It should not be. THE NEWS SHOULD NOT BE ABOUT RATINGS.

The other problem: if we let the Government handle the news, how can anyone assume that it is objective? So our hands are tied. We either get overly sensationalized biased news from the networks or we get boring biased news from the Government. From now on, your only reliable source for news should be We don't make any money from the blog, so we can't be biased on that basis. We don't care about ratings because we are unrateable. We are interesting. We are therefore, the ideal media outlet. Thank you.

i challenge andTim to a post-off

andTim, i hereby henceforth and thereforth challenge thee to a post-off. each of us shall post once per day for the next foreseeable future, and first not to post on any given day loseth aforementioned post-off. i also change font color to brownie.

challenge beginneth. this counts as my post for 27 september. boomyahboomboomyah.

Thursday, September 21, 2006 are a filthy little goblin

i have been working for quite some time on a slideshow for kristen's grandparent's 50th anniversary. many hours have been put in to develop a pictoral representation of their last 50 years. it wasnt a work of art or anything, but i was pretty much done with the slideshow and was ready to burn to a disc and have it ready for saturday.

then the computer goblin stucketh.

the darn thing turned itself off and wouldnt turn back on. so i follow all help/troubleshooting instructions and tips on the website, and still nothing. so today i took in the cpu to an Apple store on my lunch break (and ate at Chuy's with my good buddy BT) and set up my appointment, which was about an hour later. so, we eat lunch, then i take the computer in and they run some tests. evidently the power supply failed, so they had to order me a new one. this process of getting new power supply and installing it will take somewhere between 3 and 5 business days. nice. its thursday afternoon, the slideshow is pretty much done, and i am about to turn my computer over to the Apple store for fixtime and wont have it back until Wednesday at the earliest. anniversary party is saturday. nice.

good thing my great friend james has allowed me to use his macbook pro for the weekend. tonight i am up rescanning in all of the pictures and putting the slideshow together, but if i get it done its all good. thanks jp.

Saturday, September 09, 2006

eradication of andTim

nice, i am just posting so i have the 5 most recent posts and he gets his last entry knocked off the page. booyah.

have a good weekend.

Friday, September 08, 2006

the referee

ah yes, the football season has begun. a delightful game took place last night in which the Dolphin contested the Steeler. i am so glad the NFL is back since both of my baseball teams are probably out of it and the College Football just doesn't have the appeal now that i have been out of college for a while. i am not sure why so many people like college football more than pro, that doesnt make sense to me. the level of competition and talent is so much higher in the NFL and the games are better, but that is for another discussion.

i bring up the referee because it was obvious last night that a few calls were made incorrectly. i realize that we have the benefit of instant replay and we are sitting at home watching these games. i realize that the game "moves fast" in real time. blah blah blah. arent these guys paid to officiate? are they not trained and tested on these things? i get paid to do my job, and if i screwed up enough on something i could get fired. so, is there no accountability for the referee? i am not suggesting any of these guys get fired; that would be out of bounds for me to mandate. however, i do suggest that these guys make the friggin right calls on the field. i knew instantly that Heath Miller was down before he got in the end zone last night. i didnt need replay to show me, and i would bet the majority of people watching this game knew as well. i dont have some ultra super quick eye that allows me to see these things. so i will ask the question i have been asking for years. what do these guys get paid for? i feel like they get all of the super obvious calls right most of the time, but anyone could do this couldnt they? it is pretty clear when someone runs out of bounds or a field goal doesnt go in between the uprights, but what about the close calls? i feel like the referee's main purpose is to make the close calls. shouldnt referee's be trained to know what to look for in close call situations? if not, why are they referees? couldnt anyone who is in good shape put on the zebra suit and make the obvious calls, then just kind of guess at the calls that are close and rely on the replay booth to correct if needed? anyway, enough rant. i just get annoyed when there are a bunch of these in one game and i know it is the first game of the season and i should probably just shut up. happy friday to ya.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

NFL Predictions

this year seems a little more difficult to pick Super Bowl teams, but lets go ahead and give it a shot. here are mine...

AFC Champ - Denver Broncos
NFC Champ - Dallas Cowboys

both of these teams were on the edge of being something special last year and both strengthened their defense, as well as added a key WR. Jake Plummer a Super Bowl quarterback?? yes, i think he will get the Broncos there by keeping his mistakes to a minimum. he may throw for a bunch of interceptions during the regular season, but come playoff time the running back by committee is going to pay off. the broncos will go 12 - 4 (if not better) largely due to the combination of their defensive strength and their relatively easy schedule.

the Cowboys will get there only because i am from Dallas, so it makes it easy for me to cheer for them. plus, they have the cockiest player in the league on their team, Mr. Mike Vanderjagt. this guy is pretty funny, and not a bad kicker either. i think the Cowboys will go 12 - 4 as well, several of these being close games that Vanderjagt will win in the final 2 minutes or even overtime. this defense is underrated and opposing running backs will not be looking forward to playing against the fellas from Big D. as long as Dallas doesn't have to play Carolina in the playoffs i think they will be fine.

and of course i have to pick the Cowboys to win the Super Bowl, by a score of 35-17.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Crocodile Hunter dies

we lost a bit of greatness over the weekend...the greatness of The Crocodile Hunter. this man dared to encounter the deadliest and most ferocious of animals for the cause of preservation and study. a true pioneer in his field of Zoology, Irwin was a unanimous vote into the Beast List and faced fear on a daily basis. truly a delight, Irwin was one who seemed to have a huge heart for animals and people and pushed the limits of human/animal interaction. the world will miss the greatness of Steve Irwin.