Friday, February 02, 2007

Super Blah

The Super Bowl bores me. I am neither a Colts or Bears fan. In fact- my team has never played in the Super Bowl. (This has recently changed from the Texans to the Saints for a variety of reasons- passing on Reggie Bush in the draft, Saints' focus on offensive football, moving to LA, etc) The commercials continue to get dumber and dumber, guys waiting to see stereotypes of guys acting like idiots, and then laughing. ("Hidden beers in the office walls!"- terrible)

The funny thing is, we get all excited for the game every year and every year I just feel like, "Eh, whatever... where are the chips and salsa?". 95% of women and probably 75% of men really don't care about the outcome of the game or even WATCH more than half of the actual plays. I mean- what kind of sporting event is it if people WAIT FOR TIMEOUTS so they can run to the TV and watch the commercials? (Which are eternally predictable... commercials with talking animals, commercials with men acting like animals, token Office Space theme rip-off, token "epic product launch" from Apple, Microsoft, Dell, Nike, Coke, etc, annoying promotionals for new Network shows that will suck.)

There are the token arguments.. "It's not just the game... it's become a cultural touchstone", "It's a great excuse to get together with friends and eat fatty food", "It's an American icon" - I don't buy it. A few years ago I hung out with the girl I was dating at the time, cooked dinner, and watched a movie during the Super Bowl. It was great. Meaningful time spent in conversation, eating healthy food, not making small talk and playing armchair quarterback. ("I can't believe they ran a draw on 3rd and 6!!!", etc from some moron like me who didn't even play football.)

The question at hand is... "Will I watch anyway?" and yes... I will. I feel like it is one of those additional homework assignments that you do in high school to make up for a poorly completed or missed assignment. ("Go home watch 60 Minutes and describe Andy Rooney's tone and diction. Does his nose hair detract from his delivery? Discuss...") If you don't do it, the teacher will know, even if you try and fake it. Everyone I do business with will know that I haven't watched the Super Bowl... even if I try and fake it. So I am doing this for the sake of increasing sales in our region, which is my job.

My prediction for those who care? Colts 28, Bears 10.


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