Friday, September 08, 2006

the referee

ah yes, the football season has begun. a delightful game took place last night in which the Dolphin contested the Steeler. i am so glad the NFL is back since both of my baseball teams are probably out of it and the College Football just doesn't have the appeal now that i have been out of college for a while. i am not sure why so many people like college football more than pro, that doesnt make sense to me. the level of competition and talent is so much higher in the NFL and the games are better, but that is for another discussion.

i bring up the referee because it was obvious last night that a few calls were made incorrectly. i realize that we have the benefit of instant replay and we are sitting at home watching these games. i realize that the game "moves fast" in real time. blah blah blah. arent these guys paid to officiate? are they not trained and tested on these things? i get paid to do my job, and if i screwed up enough on something i could get fired. so, is there no accountability for the referee? i am not suggesting any of these guys get fired; that would be out of bounds for me to mandate. however, i do suggest that these guys make the friggin right calls on the field. i knew instantly that Heath Miller was down before he got in the end zone last night. i didnt need replay to show me, and i would bet the majority of people watching this game knew as well. i dont have some ultra super quick eye that allows me to see these things. so i will ask the question i have been asking for years. what do these guys get paid for? i feel like they get all of the super obvious calls right most of the time, but anyone could do this couldnt they? it is pretty clear when someone runs out of bounds or a field goal doesnt go in between the uprights, but what about the close calls? i feel like the referee's main purpose is to make the close calls. shouldnt referee's be trained to know what to look for in close call situations? if not, why are they referees? couldnt anyone who is in good shape put on the zebra suit and make the obvious calls, then just kind of guess at the calls that are close and rely on the replay booth to correct if needed? anyway, enough rant. i just get annoyed when there are a bunch of these in one game and i know it is the first game of the season and i should probably just shut up. happy friday to ya.


At 9/08/2006 03:57:00 PM, Blogger said...

i can't tell you how incredibly happy i am that the ref f-ed up last night.... i have heath miller on my fantasy team and i was cheering my face off when the ref didn't see the red flag at his feet! i love the refs!

At 9/08/2006 03:59:00 PM, Blogger said...

p.s. i think that you should change the name of the blog to "" because andTim is being way tooooo lazy and not posting anything. where's the justice here???


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