Thursday, September 28, 2006

More Children Left Behind

The idea of "No Child Left Behind" while considerate and compassionate, needs to be left behind. If a child wants compassion, that is where the parents come in- not the school.

I'm not saying that we start kicking 4th graders out for spelling mistakes, but 9th and 10th graders? Yes. The boot. If you can't meet the standard, you don't lower the standard, you drop the kid. Graduating high school has become more of a right than a privilege or an accomplishment in the more modern, more liberal American education system.

There are 2 very troubling things crippling America right now: 1- Jobs and Industries being sent abroad and 2) A lack of well-educated people to further the market place. I guess this is why every other engineer that I work with is Asian, Indian, or some other foreign ethnicity. The reason why? They're not smarter... they just work harder. Why do they work harder? They want to graduate from high school, college, and graduate school. They do this so that they can get good jobs and come to America to enjoy the twilight hours of our world dominance. Eventually we will turn into Europe and people will just come visit the more scenic and decadent places here while the rest of the country fades into oblivion from declining birth rates. (see blogs on hedonistic sexual philosophies as a by-product of the advancement and acceptance of the homosexual agenda)

We need to tighten up our standards across the board. We need to show the world that our diplomas on all levels not only equal theirs, but exceed them by a significant margin. And I'm back to selling heaters.....


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