Thursday, February 08, 2007

the genius of Gary Larson

i dont really know the typical age of a mikeandtim reader, but i would be willing to bet it is somewhere in the 30 year old range on average. this means that most of you folks have a pretty good idea of who Gary Larson is and his accomplishments. if you do not, perhaps you should be learned. dont say mike and/or andTim have never learned you anything. follow that?

please see picture at right. it gives you an idea of a typical "The Far Side" comic. we have a farmer, some animals, and the thought of what life would be like if animals were more like humans than we think. the fact that he would think to have a farmer give a sheep an "airplane" ride cracks me up. check out the stoic face of both the cow and horse, just hoping to be chosen next for the ride. without analyzing this comic too much, i just think this fella is hilarious.
something you may not know about Gary Larson is that he has a very strong passion for environmental concerns. (insert sigh by andTim here). the calendar that i have on my desk has multiple adverts for Conservation International and Mr. Larson himself had a short letter on a page stating his position on supporting environmental conservation and being an activist. he mentions that it is rather fitting considering the financial success he has had by poking fun at animals and the environment, so he feels the need to give back. pretty interesting thought. anyway, i think that if i could choose my ideal way to make a living it would be to come up with silly little comics like these...only mine would be less funny, less artistic, and less funny.


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