Friday, January 26, 2007

The Saga of The Llama

Many of you may have realized that Mike of has a bit of an obsession with the Llama. While I think this is somewhat Spanish-inspired (Como se llama- not "How do you call yourself?" but "How is your llama?") it also just has to do with his general appreciation for the appearance of the animal. He has even blogged about the Alpaca before- a relative of the llama. Well... here is your opportunity to enjoy a Llama Friday. The following is a video of two llamas doing battle. If these are your llamas they are quite angry. Notice how they only fight with head/neck/body, no use of legs. Very funny.


Also... there is a llama merchandise site from which you can procure fun things such as throw pillows, buttons, and thongs... and I don't mean the sandal. I shall provide the link as well. Mike wears a size Large shirt. (In case you get an error message, just click on the llama logo in the left pane) Enjoy a Llama Friday!

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Are You Kidding Me? - Jan. 2007

This was a headline on this morning:

U.K. Schools Urged To Tell Parents If Children Are Obese


Ummmm.... if your kid is 10 years old, 4'6" and pushing 140 lbs- SHOULDN'T THIS BE OBVIOUS? CUT HIM OFF! No more buffet for the fatty!

Here are the points that I am making... I apologize to those human beings remaining that have intelligence, as this will insult you:

1) Parents should be spending enough time with their kids to be able to keep an eye on whether they are turning into Augustus Gloop. (Kid who falls into the chocolate river in Willy Wonka)

2) Parents should not be sitting around with 4'6" Nigel (this is Britain) thinking (read with British accent), "Well, it seems Nigel is a bit heftier than this time last year. Come to think of it, he doesn't even have to "mind the gap" anymore because he can roll right over the bloody gap!" In other words, shouldn't you take steps to make sure your kid doesn't turn into a parade balloon? ("Mind the Gap" is a reference to the spoken voice on the London Subway which reminds you at every stop not to fall in between the train and the platform.)

3) Are people really so non-observant that the School has to tell them that Nigel is obese? I may not be a health and fitness guru, but everyone knows a fat kid when they see one.

Well... I am done with my rant this morning. Bottom line, look at your kid, you know.... once a month or so, if they are "becoming a bit portly" PUT THEM ON A FREAKING DIET. MAKE THEM GO OUTSIDE AND PLAY "FOOTBALL". Thus I have officially declared another Yahoo headline as superfluous and unnecessary... kind of the news equivalent of Nigel's 38th Twinkie after school.

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

wheels off event

without reading ahead, answer this question...

what do the following have in common? Willie Nelson & Family, Jessica Simpson, Fort Worth Symphony, and the Dallas Black Dance Theater

give up? the only thing i could come up with is that they are listed in increasingly talented order. just kidding crazy redneck willie fan. just kidding weird 39 year old dude who still buys jessica simpson cd's to see the pictures in her booklet. the peeps listed above are playing in the "AetheriA Benefit Concert Event". yes, you heard correctly, they are all involved in the same "concert". what? are you serious Mr. and Mrs. Metroplex? this event will actually take place at Nokia Theatre in Grand Prairie, TX? vomit. let's get Donald Trump and Paris Hilton to M.C. the event and we will have the ultimate suckfestival.

The Struggling Record Industry (Help me Paula, help, help me Paula)

HA! The highest selling CD last week? The band Daughtry (Chris Daughtry of American Idiots... I mean American Idol) sold 65,000 copies. For those who do not follow the record industry like mikeandtim, that is pathetic. By contrast the all-time record is 2,400,000 copies by N' Sync. I can't believe I just typed the name of that group. I must now break a finger.

(Bearing the pain... I continue) The reasons that I love this:

1) For years and years and years and years CD retailers have been doing their best to rip us off. $17 for a disc? Maybe in 1987. CD's should have been $5 by 2000. What could have been a prescient transisition for the major record store chains (given they had listened to any employees with any sort of awareness or foresight) into downloadable music stores became a battering of closures and job cuts. Anybody notice how Apple has now had 2 Billion iTunes downloads?! Somewhere a Sam Goody executive has a house built out of unsold Limp Bizkit albums.

2) Vindication. This proves andTim's theory that the quality of popular music continues to get worse and worse. Maybe we have finally reached the saturation point of modern "hip-hop". (Which, coupled with Country Music is keeping the industry afloat.) Other than Justin Timberlake and Gnarls Barkley, are there any artists out there who are being creative and selling albums? Beyonce keeps regurgitating the same tired thing. The Killers became too self-absorbed. Fergie? Go Away. You are a less classy Paula Abdul. (I now need to break another finger for that sentence... maybe I'll just go Ronnie Lott and tear it right off.... hmm) Who else is selling albums? Josh Groban? Involuntary vomit after typing his name. Waits a second.. vomits again realizing he wasted a $10 lunch because he typed the "name".

Monday, January 22, 2007

Turning Corners

Ah... Monday morning. It is 53 here in Baton Rouge and rainy/overcast, which has pretty much been the state of the weather for the last 2 weeks. I can't stand this weather. I like the really cold with snow, or 70 F plus. I am not a big believer in the idea of most "New Age" disorders... ADD, ADHD, blah blah.... but I am a believer in Seasonal Affective Disorder- or the idea that certain times of year lead to more depression than others. I mean... after all... who wants to stay inside ALL the time and not see the Sun? Anyway...

Every now and then I get into a series of patterns in life that I want to change. "Turning a Corner" I guess I would call it. It's like I refuse to grow-up... I postpone it as long as possible until God insists and then it very difficult for a time. It is a lot like procrastinating on papers or projects in school. It always happens at arbitrary times... you see, I never feel compelled to make New Year's Resolutions... but by the 3rd week of January or the 2nd week of March, or the middle of August it usually hits me- I need to workout more... I need to read the Bible more... I need to eat better... I need to put more money away, etc. Well, this is one of those times. If anyone feels the need to join me on my mid-January resolutions, feel free. Don't let that Seasonal Affective Disorder get you down.

Thursday, January 18, 2007

News, etc. - January

A blog of random topics is still a blog, right? So I haven't blogged much lately, but hopefully I will address this wrong and right it. A few things of note:

1- Miss USA went to rehab

If this is not the ultimate irony and a good commentary about the state of the US at the same time. Tremendous. The one person- the one woman- that is supposed to embody the beauty and sophistication of our country- MISS USA (don't care if there is a Miss America), is being REHABILITATED. And Donald Trump was the decision maker. There's so much humor there, where do I start?

2- The Weather is weird

Hopefully we are entering an Ice Age. If nothing else just to throw off everyone who believes in Global Warming. In the meantime, kids across the South are rejoicing in missing school over icy roads. So great. I do miss the Sun though.

3- Rice Cookers are great

I got the greatest rice cooker ever for Christmas and use it pretty much daily. If you have never invested in a quality pressure cooker for rice, do so now.

4- The Saints are my team

I have officially decided several months ago that I am definitely a Saints fan now instead of a Texans fan. Here's why:

-I live in Baton Rouge, and they don't show Texans games
-Post-Katrina, new America's team... blah blah... feel good
-Best offense in the NFL... andTim loves offensive football

5- Pete Yorn- Nightcrawler

-Great CD. Upbeat, downbeat, creative. Go buy it. Had to get a musical shout-out in. Have a good Thursday.

Friday, January 05, 2007


a new year, and a new start. perhaps you readers will forgive our poor finish to the year 2006 from a blog perspective. we have been making progress in other areas to include but not limited to: seeing friends, seeing family, reading books, and jotting down notes on new material and inventions.

the new year allows for a reflection and analysis of what has taken place the previous year. rate yourself on the following with letter grades A thru F.

Family contact/relationships
Friend contact/relationships
Current Event awareness
Spiritual growth
Amount of time wasted on watching the tele

alright, back to work for me. enjoy your day.