Thursday, February 01, 2007

save a llama, save the world

the llama. it is a wonder, is it not? the answer = yes. allow me to direct you to an article in which llamas have been sited to single-talon-edly save the mother earth.

the first line of the article is: "If terrorists ever unleashed a biological weapon, unusual molecules normally found in the blood of llamas could quickly help warn of the attack, scientists now report."

if that doesnt instantly get you interested in the rest of the story, then you are officially a llama-hater. yeah, thats right. you. you are a llama hater/hayta if you dont click the following link...

I love the llama (click here)

the article above clearly spells out how scientists have proven the superiority and incredibleness of the llama. now you understand why we are so big on the llama.


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