Tuesday, March 29, 2005



i evidently didn't get the memo on the rules for ASAP. today alone, i have received 6 things that should be done "ASAP". Now, you may say "maybe the 6 requestors do not know each other are also requesting such items." this is not the case. there are only 2 requestors. One requestor asked for 4 things to be done ASAP, all on different emails, all separate tasks. The other requestor asked for 2 things to be done ASAP, but these 2 things cannot be done in a 2, maybe not even in a 3 day period. This requestor knows this, yet asked for 2 of them to be done ASAP.


whats the deal with ASAP? as soon as possible could mean in 5 minutes, 5 hours, or even 5 days. so am i the one who should prioritize the ASAP? is it really needed ASAP or as soon as possible given that i will be leaving work no later than 630pm tonight whether it is done or not? why not just ask me to do something? or create a deadline, a date or time when work needs to be done? after all, i just know to do the work, ASAP basically tells me as soon as possible dependent on how i choose to prioritize my work. really, my ASAP is dependent on path of least resistence/when do i need to have this done before i get yelled at. ASAP thus, in my estimation, is either misused, or its meaningless, and evidently i took the time to write this entry during which time i could have been working on something due ASAP...


Friday, March 25, 2005


I concur completely with my colleague Michael. The weather in Texas is great right now. I will be 26 soon. I will write more when I have the time/energy. This is a beautiful thing.


first (well, technically the second) post

well, i figured that since your birthday was coming up, i would let you make the first post on the site. i did not realize that in your first post, you would expose our login password. nice thinkin there chief. so this is actually the 2nd post, and probably sets a good tone for the expectation level of this blog.

welcome to all of you who somehow found your way to the mikeandtim blog. please come in, have a proverbial seat on the proverbial couch and feel free to comment on any/everything ya feel like. cause that's what we are gonna do.

the mikeandtim site is meant to be a place to vent. some things on here may be offensive to some, so if anyone ever does read this, please read knowing that if you do get offended, you may be taking it too seriously. we offer goodwill to all people, places, and wildlife at all times. except for the goat, they should all die a painful death.