Thursday, September 21, 2006 are a filthy little goblin

i have been working for quite some time on a slideshow for kristen's grandparent's 50th anniversary. many hours have been put in to develop a pictoral representation of their last 50 years. it wasnt a work of art or anything, but i was pretty much done with the slideshow and was ready to burn to a disc and have it ready for saturday.

then the computer goblin stucketh.

the darn thing turned itself off and wouldnt turn back on. so i follow all help/troubleshooting instructions and tips on the website, and still nothing. so today i took in the cpu to an Apple store on my lunch break (and ate at Chuy's with my good buddy BT) and set up my appointment, which was about an hour later. so, we eat lunch, then i take the computer in and they run some tests. evidently the power supply failed, so they had to order me a new one. this process of getting new power supply and installing it will take somewhere between 3 and 5 business days. nice. its thursday afternoon, the slideshow is pretty much done, and i am about to turn my computer over to the Apple store for fixtime and wont have it back until Wednesday at the earliest. anniversary party is saturday. nice.

good thing my great friend james has allowed me to use his macbook pro for the weekend. tonight i am up rescanning in all of the pictures and putting the slideshow together, but if i get it done its all good. thanks jp.


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