Friday, April 29, 2005

call me seinfeld...

...but what is the deal with all these people who do not wash their hands after pooping? Pertneer* everyday at work i see someone leave the brown station, walk right past the lavatory, and walks straight out of the bathroom. what is wrong with you people? do you feel that your poop does not stink? do you not understand that it is possible someone may not want to shake the same hand that you just got done wiping your undercarriage with? let alone the fact that you sick people will most likely eat buffalo wings, cheetos, and delicate finger sandwiches with those filthy paws of yours. your kind needs a about "Poopyhands McGee". each and every one of you are Poopyhands McGee. if you touch your face with your poopyhands, you have just become Poopyface McGee. wash your freakin hands. and at least get a rinse with some semi-hot water after you take a leak as well. no one wants to shake hands with a paw that just had aholt of Mr. Winkie either. sick.


*Pertneer (pert-neer) adverbious contraction of "pretty" and "near"
origin: east texas gas station that serves ONLY beer, bait, and nascar hats
usage: "Billy-Frank pertneer lossa finger in a fishin ackserdint"
definition: almost, pretty close to, nearly

Tuesday, April 26, 2005

are there any paraguayans in here?

every day i visit the blog i think to myself..."what interesting bit of news or wild wacky story can i criticize or act knowledgeable about today?" I have come to realize (wow, four blogs in) that i should not approach the blog this way. the blog is what i see, do, hear, hate, love, question, (insert verb of your choosing here), etc etc. so with that in mind...

there are many words/phrases i have come to loathe due to their context in my work environment. some are specific to the industry i am in, and some are not. here are a few...

decks, steps, and ramps

each of these have their own meaning of heartache, trouble, stress, and are platforms for the merciless beatings we peons here at work receive. for example, there is more paperwork involved in aforementioned "Tatonka" than any of the other four items, but no less pain.

back to stapling and making copies, which, i am getting quite good at.
oi vey.


Michael Savage Insight

Michael Savage to say the least, is an opinionated man. I think that many of his insights are dead on, yet his presentation of these insights is often so abrasive that the listener is turned off completely. This being said.. I think he had an interesting point yesterday when saying that women in the western world have been influenced by the "gay mafia". Basically, he was making the point that the homosexual lifestyle is inherently hedonistic given that it is predicated upon sexual activity exclusively for the sake of pleasure rather than procreation. He continued by saying that women in the US and Europe have fallen into this mindset and that it has resulted in more hedonists and lower birthrates.
For example, in Italy the birthrate has fallen to 1.1 children per household. The base number on average needed to maintain the world's population is 2.1. This lends pretty strong support to Savage's argument- as there are many countries in the western world that fall into this category. So... to women everywhere.. have kids! And to gay men everywhere, cry into your tasseled pillow shams- Elton John is getting hitched.

Wednesday, April 13, 2005

u2 - how to dismantle an atomic bomb

to everyone who thinks the latest U2 album is not very good/not as good as the others...

you know nothing.

this is one of the best albums available for listen.
that is all.


Wednesday, April 06, 2005

the angels

the los angeles angels of anaheim?

i cant even remember all the different cities of origin this team has been called without actually moving cities. before this it was Anaheim, los angeles, california, etc etc.

add on the fact that Los Angeles means "the angels". so their team name is actually The Angels Angels of Anaheim. stupid.