Wednesday, September 27, 2006

andTim Returns: A Case for New (Old) Media

I apologize for my absence and will out-blog mike.

We need new media. Terrell Owens helped to inspire this, but many things have inspired it. I am sick of the "news". It is not objective, it is not trustworthy, and it caters to the interests of the advertisers who make the programming possible. Unfortunately, I have no good solution other than to tell everyone to use the Internet less and watch TV less. This would at least drive down the amount of attention that these outlets receive and make advertisers less prone to use them.

The problem is manufactured news. To be honest, I don't really care whether T.O. commits suicide or not. And to all of you people who do, you shouldn't; unless you personally know him or are related to him. But to continue with manufactured news...

There are dozens.. hundreds of news stories every year that are completely unimportant and irrelevant. The problem is... everything has to be sensationalized and discussed to death to drive ratings. I don't understand why we have to see the same news report 31 times on 14 different networks in the span of 20 minutes, but we do. News and ratings is a very chicken-and-egg situation in the modern world. It should not be. THE NEWS SHOULD NOT BE ABOUT RATINGS.

The other problem: if we let the Government handle the news, how can anyone assume that it is objective? So our hands are tied. We either get overly sensationalized biased news from the networks or we get boring biased news from the Government. From now on, your only reliable source for news should be We don't make any money from the blog, so we can't be biased on that basis. We don't care about ratings because we are unrateable. We are interesting. We are therefore, the ideal media outlet. Thank you.


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