Wednesday, January 24, 2007

wheels off event

without reading ahead, answer this question...

what do the following have in common? Willie Nelson & Family, Jessica Simpson, Fort Worth Symphony, and the Dallas Black Dance Theater

give up? the only thing i could come up with is that they are listed in increasingly talented order. just kidding crazy redneck willie fan. just kidding weird 39 year old dude who still buys jessica simpson cd's to see the pictures in her booklet. the peeps listed above are playing in the "AetheriA Benefit Concert Event". yes, you heard correctly, they are all involved in the same "concert". what? are you serious Mr. and Mrs. Metroplex? this event will actually take place at Nokia Theatre in Grand Prairie, TX? vomit. let's get Donald Trump and Paris Hilton to M.C. the event and we will have the ultimate suckfestival.


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