Tuesday, April 26, 2005

are there any paraguayans in here?

every day i visit the blog i think to myself..."what interesting bit of news or wild wacky story can i criticize or act knowledgeable about today?" I have come to realize (wow, four blogs in) that i should not approach the blog this way. the blog is what i see, do, hear, hate, love, question, (insert verb of your choosing here), etc etc. so with that in mind...

there are many words/phrases i have come to loathe due to their context in my work environment. some are specific to the industry i am in, and some are not. here are a few...

decks, steps, and ramps

each of these have their own meaning of heartache, trouble, stress, and are platforms for the merciless beatings we peons here at work receive. for example, there is more paperwork involved in aforementioned "Tatonka" than any of the other four items, but no less pain.

back to stapling and making copies, which, i am getting quite good at.
oi vey.



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