Friday, April 29, 2005

call me seinfeld...

...but what is the deal with all these people who do not wash their hands after pooping? Pertneer* everyday at work i see someone leave the brown station, walk right past the lavatory, and walks straight out of the bathroom. what is wrong with you people? do you feel that your poop does not stink? do you not understand that it is possible someone may not want to shake the same hand that you just got done wiping your undercarriage with? let alone the fact that you sick people will most likely eat buffalo wings, cheetos, and delicate finger sandwiches with those filthy paws of yours. your kind needs a about "Poopyhands McGee". each and every one of you are Poopyhands McGee. if you touch your face with your poopyhands, you have just become Poopyface McGee. wash your freakin hands. and at least get a rinse with some semi-hot water after you take a leak as well. no one wants to shake hands with a paw that just had aholt of Mr. Winkie either. sick.


*Pertneer (pert-neer) adverbious contraction of "pretty" and "near"
origin: east texas gas station that serves ONLY beer, bait, and nascar hats
usage: "Billy-Frank pertneer lossa finger in a fishin ackserdint"
definition: almost, pretty close to, nearly


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