Friday, March 25, 2005

first (well, technically the second) post

well, i figured that since your birthday was coming up, i would let you make the first post on the site. i did not realize that in your first post, you would expose our login password. nice thinkin there chief. so this is actually the 2nd post, and probably sets a good tone for the expectation level of this blog.

welcome to all of you who somehow found your way to the mikeandtim blog. please come in, have a proverbial seat on the proverbial couch and feel free to comment on any/everything ya feel like. cause that's what we are gonna do.

the mikeandtim site is meant to be a place to vent. some things on here may be offensive to some, so if anyone ever does read this, please read knowing that if you do get offended, you may be taking it too seriously. we offer goodwill to all people, places, and wildlife at all times. except for the goat, they should all die a painful death.



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