Tuesday, March 29, 2005



i evidently didn't get the memo on the rules for ASAP. today alone, i have received 6 things that should be done "ASAP". Now, you may say "maybe the 6 requestors do not know each other are also requesting such items." this is not the case. there are only 2 requestors. One requestor asked for 4 things to be done ASAP, all on different emails, all separate tasks. The other requestor asked for 2 things to be done ASAP, but these 2 things cannot be done in a 2, maybe not even in a 3 day period. This requestor knows this, yet asked for 2 of them to be done ASAP.


whats the deal with ASAP? as soon as possible could mean in 5 minutes, 5 hours, or even 5 days. so am i the one who should prioritize the ASAP? is it really needed ASAP or as soon as possible given that i will be leaving work no later than 630pm tonight whether it is done or not? why not just ask me to do something? or create a deadline, a date or time when work needs to be done? after all, i just know to do the work, ASAP basically tells me as soon as possible dependent on how i choose to prioritize my work. really, my ASAP is dependent on path of least resistence/when do i need to have this done before i get yelled at. ASAP thus, in my estimation, is either misused, or its meaningless, and evidently i took the time to write this entry during which time i could have been working on something due ASAP...



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