Wednesday, November 16, 2005

this week's challenger : "Deer Off"

Nemesis # 2
(Approaching Dynasty Status)

Deer Off

The previous challenger (Scary Manufactured Owl) has somewhat discouraged Nemesis #2 munchings on one half of the yard, but this has not yet been confirmed. However, in a very sneaky but strong turn of events, the Owl has formed an alliance with new challenger "Deer Off". if you look really really close, there is a picture of Nemesis # 2's cousin on the Deer Off bottle, and in small print the Deer Off claims to "Off" rabbits as well. this could be the fiercest battle yet. On Sunday afternoon, i sprayed Deer Off on my entire front yard with vigor, excited about the possibility of overthrowing the near legendary domination of Nemesis #2. the potency of the Deer Off's scent irritated my eyes to mild redness and itching, but i sprayed on. after coating aforementioned lawn, there was about 6-8 ounces of repellant left in the bottle, which i poured directly into alleged Nemesis # 2 hideout/evil lair. this could not have been a positive experience for said nemesis. and now...we wait.


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