Monday, November 14, 2005

nemesis #2 defends title, 100 posts

Nemesis #2
(bunny rabbit)


This Week's Challenger
(scary manufactured plastic owl)

the lengths that i will go to in an effort to rid my yard of the very strong and worthy nemesis #2. this animal is an unbelievable competitor. so far, nemesis #2 has defeated multiple challengers, including "homeowner rage/chase", "a potpourri of harmful projectile combat", and "cayenne pepper". there have been two new challengers of late, the first being the Scary Manufactured Plastic Owl, who resides in a tree and watches over the damaged front yard grass of which the feared nemesis #2 offers munch warfare. this challenge has been in progress since last sunday, Nov 6, and has been somewhat of a soccer match result. lots of time, no real scoring. i have since made a special trip to the Home Depot Landscape Supply store in search of the next challenger (did you even know these HD Landscape stores existed? this is not a full size Depot) and i procured a bottle of "Deer Off", which also has a picture of nemesis #2 on the label and allegedly repels the bunny rabbit. these two challengers will most likely coordinate strategeries and double team the nemesis #2. more updates as the battle continues.

in other non-exciting news, mikeandtim has crossed the 100 post mark, and still only have comments by Dr. Swiss of Limberger.


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