Monday, November 07, 2005

10 Things America Needs To Do To Save Itself

In no particular order-

1- Stop sending money overseas.
-There are a few cases where we should spend money overseas, but they are few and far between. Spend money at home. We do not need to send money to Africa THROUGH OUR GOVERNMENT or THROUGH THE UNITED NATIONS to help educate people about the Aids virus. But I can donate out of my own pocket......

2- Stop getting involved in every international disturbance.
-As time goes by, a Star Wars defensive system seems like a better and better use of money. A good offense is a good defense, but a good offense needs a goal line to establish it's purpose, otherwise there is no means by which to determine success or failure. WE SHOULD NOT BE
THE WORLD'S POLICE. Defend your home, and leave people alone. We are the United States of AMERICA, not the United States of THE WHOLE FREAKING WORLD. I do realize our influence, I do realize the benefits of international trade, but I primarily realize that we have borders... or at least we used to. (see #9)

3- Allow Religious Freedom, not freedom from Religion
-Religion is not the opiate of the masses, it is a means by which people live for the greater good because of the hope that something greater than themselves exists. Almost all religions endorse the Golden Rule, and that alone should be a good philosophical justification for letting religion breathe in ALL forums in America.

4- Stop spending money on stupid programs
-Money should be spent on a few things: Education, Defense, minimal amounts of Scientific Research, and Large Projects (space stations, space travel, highways, rail systems, etc.) That's pretty much it.

5- Minimize Welfare
-Lose your job? Find a new one in 6 months, 12 months maximum. Use welfare 3 times, and that's all you get.

6- Replace Income Tax with a National Sales Tax

-Taxing the rich and the poor at different rates... the furthest thing from equality. Taxing people who spend their money as soon as it comes in on frivolous items? Absolutely.

7- Replace Social Security with a National Sales Tax
-"Wait a minute..." you think. Here it is: Sales Tax discourages spending, the opposite of spending is saving. The reason for Social Security is to force people to save. If you want to go out and blow your cash on dumb crap like heated leather seats when non-heated velour seats work fine, go for it. (This will also make PETA happy.) Just don't expect me or anyone else to feel sympathy for you when you realize that extra $2000 could have been invested and become $200,000 twenty-five years later.

8- Legalize Marijuana
-Tax the you-know-what out of it, use it to give teachers an across the board raise, don't allow it anywhere except in private residences, a few bars, the beach, and concerts. If you get caught dealing- you're gone. Super-restrictive resale licenses which cost a ton, and give States' the right to decide whether they want to do something like this in the first place. (I had to come up with one good liberal idea)

9- Close the Border
-No explanation really necessary. Are you illegally immigrating? You might get shot and killed for breaking the law. Are you legally immigrating? Great! But you better believe your kids are getting zero education in any other language but English. This is America, not the Northern Mexico States buddy.

10- Eliminate Racial Labels
-Are you black, white, hispanic, asian? Who cares? Our cultural history is important... but it is exactly that.... history. Want to evolve*? What is the point of a civil rights movement if we keep labeling everyone? There is no way my kid is filling out his ethnicity on anything. We give racism rebirth with every demographic breakdown that includes race.

"Daddy, what is a caucasian?"
"A person from Caucasus."
"Ok." (returns to important things)
(like right now, I have work to do.)
(getting to

*evolution is dumb too.


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