Friday, October 28, 2005

espn, today's parents (teaser)

the longer i watch espn and/or listen to their radio show in the morning (only when the Ticket is on commercial) the more i dislike it. i used to love the espn. sports all day every day. however, due to their lineup of employees, i am becoming less and less fanatical. on my drive in this morning, i toggled to Mike & Mike in the morning (Mike Greenberg and Mike Golic) and they also had the legendary of suck special guest Mark "Stink" Schlereth on to run down this week's NFL games and "analyze" them. the only comment i can remember accurately was by Schlereth (i have no idea why his nickname is stink, but its a terrible nickname) and he was asked to give his prediction/keys to the game of the Buffalo Bills vs. New England Patriots game. his comment was...

"the Bills allow over 150yds rushing per game, and that spells out one thing. Co-rey Dil-lon. he should be able to run a lot and i pick the patriots to win."

now, my problem with this is that any chimp with internet access could execute that "analysis." here you have two former NFL players turned ESPN analysts, where their job is to watch and analyze football for a living, and the best Schlereth can come up with is that? you suck. you have just proved you have no additional knowledge or contribution to NFL analysis and have no business being an analyst. you are no longer considered an analyst, you are "Sergeant Suck". that is your official nickname from now on Schlereth. if it was that easy, we would all be analysts and picking winners in the NFL would be easy. you are terrible. each comment they proposed to picking game winners was that simple and uninsightful and further reinforced my love for 1310 the Ticket.

i was going to write about parents and protecting their kids from all things (including discipline) but i will wait for a future blog. so, there is the teaser for a future blog. maybe it will bring you back to our site next week just to see how much parents bother me...

song of the day: "Miami" by U2


At 10/27/2006 07:20:00 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

They call him stink because he piss in his uniform righ on the field, during the game. You cant really call a time out for a "pee pee break"


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