Friday, November 04, 2005

Black Athletes

Author's note: Finish Line 100 Meter Dash, Athens 2004. This picture features no white men.

This is directly in response to statements made by Fisher DeBerry (head coach Air Force Football) and Joe Paterno (Football Deity- Penn St.).

For anyone out there who feels that these men have said something discriminatory, you are correct. For anyone out there who feels that these men have said something wrong, you are wrong. (And an idiot.)

I am not going to directly quote these two guys, but both of them basically made statements that black athletes have increased the speed of college football. They are right. Black men are generally faster than white men. Is that racist? Who cares! It's a compliment! When we think of the fastest men in the world how many of them are white? With the exception of Jeremy Wariner, (honky who won the gold in the 400 meters at the 2004 Athens Games) probably none.

Black men are superior athletically. That's not racist, it's not even an opinion. It's a fact. Since their admittance into all 3 of the major sports, most black athletes have been dominant- especially in football and basketball. 80-90% of NBA players are black. If you were to say that a company controlled 80-90% of it's target market, it would clearly be the best at whatever it was doing. Is it not then fair- as well as complimentary- to say that black athletes are largely superior to white athletes?

The bottom line is this- discrimination is not always bad. Fisher DeBerry and Joe Paterno COMPLIMENTED black athletes, saying that they had increased the speed and scoring in college football. Take the compliment. Stop whining about discrimination. Stop- and have a good weekend.


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