Thursday, November 17, 2005

CMA's = Caraoke Music Awards

it appears that Mr. Jovi did not read my entry titled "greatest hits? / retire now please." you were on the "retire immediately if not sooner" list Mr. Jovi, and you should have done so before soiling yourself on national television by performing at the Caraoke Music Awards.

yes yes, i know karaoke is spelled with a "k". but it was spelled with a C on tuesday night. tuesday night was the so very awaited Country Music Awards. i get kinda excited about watching this particular program due to its humor potential. they signed up dianne keaton with a goatee and yosemite sam to host (see picture below), which is always good. i once saw those characters in concert which had yosemite sam imposter guitar solo-ing while a dude in the dark wearing black was actually playing said solo, and dianne was doing the Caraoke thing. filthy.
the only current redeeming country right now: keith urban. he is good, even though his music isnt country. the song he did at the CMA's could have just as easily been matchbox or lifehouse or whoever, with slightly different vocals. i will give trisha yearwood's equally unattractive short spikey haired twin sister that her (and her band Rascal Flatt's) one song "Fast Cars and Freedom" is not bad. not country either.
i had to visit the CMT website for the first time ever to find the pictures for this entry, and the advertisement at the top of the front page was for Scott Stapp's new solo album. huh? the one song i have heard of his sounds exactly like Creed anyway, so why go solo? and why go country? oh yeah, i know why go country, because you have a better chance of success since they all suck too. good call. maybe that was Mr. Jovi's thought as well.
the 2005 CMA's further reinforced the scientificness of yet another mikeandtim theory...
country = caraoke


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