Monday, October 17, 2005

Weekend and Nicknames

Good weekend was had. Didn't get much sleep, but the Astros won both games and I got to go dancing at the Mercury Room Saturday night. The weather in South Texas is great right now. 60's at night, 80's during the day- beauty.

We have a guy in maintenance here who is a great co-worker. He is a black man in his mid- 50's and goes by Kenny. Everyone loves him. My favorite thing- he calls me "Youngblood". Typical conversation as Kenny walks by my office:

"What's up Kenny?"

"How you doin' youngblood?"

It has to be said with a slightly rural tone to it, with the laid-back attitude of a blue collar man with style. I'm the only one he says it to. That's Kenny. He is cool.

I also challenge Swiss (Scott) to not use a pet name with Cindy for one week. They are pet-name-out-of-control. He may actually say, "I take you Ah-Sweety-Ah-Boobkins Russell" at the altar. I put $5 on it.


At 10/17/2005 03:13:00 PM, Blogger scott said...

challenge accepted.....

my challenge for you is simply to find someone that will allow you to use a "pet name." Ill bet five on it.


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