Friday, October 14, 2005

top 5 worst rules in all of sports

overall, the rules of sports are terrific. people love sports. i love sports. you love sports. the rules are good. except for the following...

5. GOLF - Scorecard Signing/DQ rule: the scorecard must be signed by everyone and their nanny after a golfer has finished his round on the PGA. if this procedure is not followed correctly (the golfer must sign his scorecard while in the scoring verification area) the golfer is disqualified. why? there are video cameras set up at each PGA tour event videoing every golfer's moves and shots. is that not good enough evidence to validate a golfer's score? the rule states that if both feet touch the ground outside of this designated area for any reason and the golfer has not yet signed his card verifying his score is correct, the golfer is disqualified. stupid.

4. SOCCER - Offsides: i hate this rule. if an offensive player is closer to the opposing goal than all non-goalie defensive players when a ball is kicked to them/that side of the field, offsides is ruled and the other team gets the ball. this is a terrible rule! i hate soccer, so that doesnt help my opinion on this, but this rule is awful. this rule prevents scoring. hello... soccer needs scoring badly. playing 90 minutes and quite possibly be tied 0-0 or have a 1-0 score is not a good sport. especially when there is no distinct offense/defense posession. if someone wants to cherry pick in soccer, either have a defender on him or leave him unguarded. i dont understand why this is a problem that needs the offsides rule to correct. this just is boring as hell. thats why no one cares about pro soccer. i only know one pro soccer player's name, and thats only because i went to high school with him. more goals would be good for soccer, not bad. put that in your book.

3. FOOTBALL - Ineligible receiver downfield: this is stupid. if a lineman decides to run downfield to catch a pass (or get hit in the back with one on accident, resulting in Illegal Touching, another dumb rule) thats his problem. again, why must there be restrictions on who can catch a pass and who cant? i dont see that much difference between throwing to a lineman and throwing a screen pass. get rid of this rule. everyone gets a giggle when a huge lineman is rumbling downfield with a football. we need more of that kind of excitement.

2. SOCCER - Correction Time: this isnt a "rule", but its worth mentioning because of how dumb it is. not only is soccer the only sport that counts its time up, it also decides that "we are too lazy to stop the clock when the ball goes out of bounds or there are fouls" so they have this mystery time over the 90 regulation minutes to where they let the game continue. no one knows exactly how much time there will be in this extended play except for the head referee. use the damn scoreboard how it was meant to be used. start with 45min per half, count down, and when there is no more time, the game is over. i have nothing else to say.

1. BASEBALL - Dropped Third Strike: so much talk about the Angels/White Sox game two nights ago when after striking out, the ball allegedly hits the ground as the catcher is catching it, catcher rolls ball out to mound thinking the game is over, and all of a sudden we have a runner on first base, game not over yet. i have multiple points to make about this, so i will do so in an ABC format...

a. the play is scored "K, E-2". someone explain how the catcher made an error in this case. or any case? so, if the pitcher thows a bouncepass to the catcher and it bounces 10 feet in front of the plate, but the batter is dumb enough to swing at the ball and miss, and the catcher fields it cleanly...the rule says that is an error on the catcher? you sense make no.

b. if you are batting and swing at a pitch that is so far out of the strike zone that it hits DIRT, you have no business on first base. go back to the dugout and think about how not to suck next time.

c. why do we have this rule? has anyone asked that question? what are we trying to avoid by having this rule in place? i cannot come up with a logical answer to this. 3 strikes and you are out. end of discussion.


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