Monday, October 17, 2005

This Week's Matchup

Cayenne Pepper (Challenger)


Defending Champ: Bunny Rabbit
(aka "Nemesis #2")

This week's matchup in the front yard...reigning champion grass eater/killer defending its title of geographic dominance against an up and coming bold and spicey challenger from the great country of Mexico...CAYENNE PEPPER EMPORIUMMMMMMM
Nemesis #2 has thus far defended its title thrice against previous challengers known as "Aggressive Sprinkler of Havoc", "Angry Charging Homeowner Pre-7am" and "Raging Tornado of Fury Homeowner Post-9pm". Nemesis #2 has thus far conquered all challengers and if Cayenne Pepper Emporium does not defeat the current champ, the next challenger will be "Fake Screeching Owl of Bunny Death Statue". Details will be posted during this week's matchup.


At 10/17/2005 03:17:00 PM, Blogger scott said...

allow me to enlighten you on the worlds one and only champion who may give your so called "bunny-o-terror" a run for its money. his name is "red rider dual action trigger........with bunny scope!"


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