Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Stros Beard - Day 4, Rosa Parks, Dwayne Parcells

and there it is. my Stros Beard that was started on Saturday, the first day of the world series. the pictured Stros beard from before was actually shaved before this new Stros beard was begun. so we have reached day 4, and the thing is downright unprofessional. not a beard, not clean shaven, its facing resistance in the workplace. tomorrow morning i will clean it up a little bit, shave the neck so i dont sport the greek orthodox beard (not that there's anything wrong with that. papa Iosif, your neck beard is terrific.)

Rosa Parks died today at the age of 92. one thing i didnt know was that she was actually sitting at the front of the then called "colored" section of the bus when she was asked to get up so that a white man could sit down. i always kinda figured she was sitting in the whitey section. i would say it makes the whole situation even more controversial that she was sitting in the designated area she was supposed to be allowed to sit in when she was arrested. i cannot imagine a segregated america like that, it must have been so terrible. although there is still lingering prejudice and racism, i am glad we have at least rid our country of the blantant evil and atrocity of a segregated people.

in other news, the New Jersey Con Man (assist Mike Rhyner) has mal-coached yet another Cowboys victory, and half pushed-shoved his play sheet into the offensive coordinator's chest during the game. the city of dallas is getting pretty skeptical on whether or not this dude is a positive or negative influence on the team, and some have already been proposing ideas for a head coach replacement. maybe we can work a deal out with the Texans and just swap the New Jersey Con Man for Capers...


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