Wednesday, October 19, 2005

victory strucketh by nemesis # 2, astros beard

the bunny has won again. evidently the Cayenne Pepper did not put up much of a fight. after two days of battle, the bunny returned to the yard to munch down on some front yard salad bar. bitch ass bunny rabbit. i suspect that the Cayenne Pepper was diluted due to my watering of the yard using Nemesis #1. thus reinforcing my theory that Nemesis #1 and Nemesis #2 are collaborating efforts to actually thwart grass growth.

in a very desparate and embarrassing rage, i hurled my car keys at Nemesis #2 upon arriving home from work when i saw that it was munching down on the front yard in a very public and spiteful "Victory Munch". i then chased the rabbit out of my yard and taunted him with rather inappropriate language and gestures.

as you will see in the picture on the right, i have joined the coalition for 'Stros success by beard growth. i did not shave this morning (maybe you cant tell, but take my word for it) and will not shave until the 'Stros reach the World Series*. this is not a respected decision at my workplace and i am not sure how long i can go before they force me to shave. however, i will put forth my best efforts to continue beard growth regardless of resistance. i encourage you to also grow the " 'Stros Beard" to show your support.

*denotes only effective for 2005 season


At 10/19/2005 01:41:00 PM, Blogger scott said...

i think thats its awfully week that you are only doing this for the 2005 season. you are basically doing nothing considering that the season is possibly over tomorrow night and that you will only have to grow that thing for two days. and even then you dont even have to shave the peach fuzz just dab some milk on it and let a hungry cat lick it off.

- Manute Bol


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