Wednesday, October 26, 2005

No Stros Beard, General comments, Rosa Parks

Given the Astros lack of success with my attempted beard, and their collective shaving of their beards- I am back to my clean shaven self. I can't say that I like it more, but I will do whatever I can in order to get the baseball gods to smile on the Stros once again.

A few comments in general:

-People who equate the gay rights movement now, to the civil rights movement of blacks in America over the course of our history, are in need of a beating.

-Girls who are spiritually attractive. It's a concept worth writing more about.

-I hit a golf ball 175 yards with a 9-iron yesterday. That is good, I don't care who you are. (Bring it, Tiger)

-Blogmaverick is Mark Cuban's blog. It is worth reading.

-"Kermit the Blog" is the best name for a blog I have heard yet.

-The World Series announcers are the Captains of Obvious. My sister could make more interesting observations. Tim McCarver- how the mighty have fallen.

And finally.......

-My favorite thing about Rosa Parks? The Outkast song with her namesake. Dig that harmonica solo!


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