Monday, November 21, 2005

ben folds

i saw ben folds on saturday night at Nokia Theatre (Grand Prairie, TX) and sat slightly off center 10 rows from the stage. the show was great. everything you want at a concert was done by Ben Folds. the crowd was into it from the beginning, as i think most people who would go see him to begin with are strong fans. he did not sit down until the 4th song, thats how pumped he was when he came out and started jamming on the piano. great stuff.

not only is he an unbelievable, probably underappreciated talent, he has a great sense of humor and is a great performer. during the show he played old and new songs, a great version of Long Tall Texan, a song off Dr. Dre's The Chronic (played Ben Folds style, very funny), and even worked in Freebird including a key pounding version of the solo. he talked quite a bit about his music and songs, and a few different times he divided the audience and assigned harmonizing background vocals for the crowd to sing during a few songs. he would point at different sections of the crowd to get different harmonies as he played piano and sang, and at the end of one song the drummer and bassist jammed as he stood on top of his piano and conducted the crowd into song. this dude is very musically talented, puts on a fantastic show, and is pretty damn funny. if you dont listen to him, i suggest you give his tunes a shot and if he is in town i would recommend going. it was badass.


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