Monday, November 28, 2005

Deer Off = Bunny On

well...i cannot tell you how disappointed i was to see a bunny in my front yard on saturday night as i pulled up to my house after a 5 hour drive back from a Thanksgiving weekend. it was circa 10pm and i didnt even see the little bastard until i had picked up my suitcase and golf clubs, but you bet your ass i dropped those faster than you can say "Dr. Swiss of Limberger" and i chased nemesis # 2 down the Northside Bunny Run into someone else's yard at full sprint.

the next day i got out my gardening gloves and since i had some soil left over from another yard project, i took a few bags and completely filled the alleged mother legion bunny thunderdome that i have concluded might be underneath my front sidewalk. see, i noticed next to the border of my sidewalk in a few places that there appeared to be a bunch of soil missing, almost like some animal had dug a tunnel system down there, and last week i tried to flush them out of there by hose. i put the hose down one of the little tunnels and turned it on full blast for about three minutes, no exaggeration, and NOTHING HAPPENED. i did not see the water fill up or come out at any other part of the tunnels or in the grass anywhere. very bizarre. so what i did this past sunday was fill these holes as much as possible with soil, then i compacted and watered it. oh, it is also possible i accidently dumped a third of a bag of fire ant killer down there before watering and covering it up with dirt, but i am not sure...

i believe that i have now tried all non-violent forms of bunny removal, so we are nearing the point of a pellet gun and/or .22 purchase.