Thursday, September 01, 2005

mda003 update, new orleans, gay love solved

yesterday morning, i was required to move desks. no tellin if this had anything to do with the mda003 chronicles, but lets go ahead and assume that it did. it probably had more to do with a new hire bumped two people out of their seats, who then took my seat and the mda003's seat, so we both had to relocate. mda003 went down to the regime headquarters on the other end of the building and i had to choose between three terrible locations. i do have a window to look out of now though, which is nice. i can no longer account for mda003 activity though and am in much more danger of the sneak attack by not only mda003, but other agents as well.

i was listening to the radio on the way to work this morning and heard of looters/hooligans in new orleans stealing guns and going on a theft spree as armed robbers. i understand there is some desparation here, but i also heard that one group of armed looters were shooting their weapons at a RELIEF HELICOPTER that was trying to bring in supplies, assess the situation, and provide aid. terrible.

so explain this: if people believe that gay folk are born homosexual and it isnt their fault, then with this same theory, why are there no gay animals running around out there? at least we could find some gay dolphins right? they are supposedly the only other animal who derives pleasure from sex i think, so certainly some of them will eventually go gay. perhaps Free Willy means something different than we thought? i think he was a killer whale, but maybe he was trying to be freed from the persecution of the straight whales due to his gayness? a bit insensitive, i know. i never saw the movie anyway. i still want to start a reality tv show called "straight eye for the queer guy" and have cool straight guys teach gay guys how to walk non-gay, how to talk non-gay, and how to like football and beer more than the joan rivers red carpet fashion review and cosmo's. just a thought. i bet it would be an unbelievable success.

how about this for a gay marriage solution...prescription drugs. seems to be the answer for everything else right? can it be that hard to make a pill (or gelcap if you prefer) to turn a gay dude into a hetero dude? people with other issues/diseases/dispositions seek help and find remedy that way, why not gay folks? the thing is, gays dont think being gay is wrong, they embrace it. but should non-gays be forced to accept/embrace gayness by making gay marriage socially acceptable and lawful? i agree with andTim on this one, love the sinner, hate the sin. cause that is what we are all asking for right?


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