Thursday, August 25, 2005

as promised...the beast list

(in no particular order, except for Jesus who is the Ultimate Beast)

1. William Wallace
2. Gen. George Patton
3. Dick Butkus
4. Gen. Stonewall Jackson
5. Ronnie Lott
6. Bruce Lee
7. Wyatt Earp
8. Sampson
9. Ty Cobb
10. Wilt Chamberlain
11. Genghis Khan
12. Moses
13. Jesse Owens
14. Martin Luther King, Jr.
15. Lance Armstrong
16. Guy who cut leg off w/ pocket knife
17. The Crocodile Hunter
18. Benjamin Franklin
19. Einstein – intellectual beast
20. Old guy who married Anna Nicole Smith
21. Ghandi
22. Davie Crockett
23. Michael Jordan
24. Dat Nguyen
25. Nolan Ryan
26. The Red Baron
27. Bobby Knight
28. Magellan
29. The Vikings – not the football team
30. Mr. T
31. David Hasselhoff
32. Charlton Heston
33. Jesus – Ultimate Beast *
34. John the Baptist
35. Leonardo Da Vinci
36. Lawrence Sullivan Ross
37. Sir Edmund Hillary and Sherpa w/ him

38. Sherpas
39. The Pilgrims
40. Saul/Paul
41. Andre the Giant
42. Evil Knievil
43. Bo Jackson
44. Babe Ruth
45. Magnus ver Magnussen
46. Muhammad Ali
47. Frank Sinatra
48. John Wayne

** John Glenn – Honorary beast

the list above was generated in the order that they are listed, except that Jesus was known to be the Ultimate beast and was given the number 33 due to biblical reference. the thought process of the sequence in which this list was compiled cannot be explained, but is pretty damn funny. it was a mere discovery of greatness. Several hopeful beasts are up for candidacy and are being evaluated by the board of beast as we speak. please nominate any candidates in a reply comment to this post.

The Official Beast List Committee includes the following:
Magnum T.I.

The Official Beast List compilation provided by Beerbachsteinlagerfestivusfortherestivus, who is the official keeper of The Official Beast List.


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