Thursday, August 18, 2005

make haste dutch squirrel, make haste

do you have people who power walk/jog through your office? people who are so busy that they are constantly redefining hustlemania on the way to their desk? i do not understand this phenomenon. perhaps you save a full second by running to your desk from the copier/fax machine. why? what does this do? as far as i am concerned, it raises the stress level, and makes other people in the office make fun of you. how can i not make fun of that? it is way too easy. there is this one dude who is probably 50 something years old, a little heavy set although is very committed to the fantasy world of the atkins diet, and he is a dutchman. how can i not call this dude the flying dutchman? he makes haste on every trip to and fro wherever his destination and usually has a bundle of coins and keys in his pockets that alert his hustlemanianess. picture a scared well-fed 5 foot 8 inch squirrel from holland, with pockets full of keysets from 30 high school janitors, darting around an office, frequented dropping papers/pens/binders and scurrying to collect them when they hit the floor. although i often do not like my job, i will never deny that it has a high level of entertainment/humor value.


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