Monday, August 22, 2005

highway sightings & flea markets

i drive about 35 miles each way to work everyday. i really need to start paying more attention to what other people are doing in the car like i did today. i saw a woman brushing her teeth with a battery powered toothbrush. not sure where she was going to spit, but i bet she had that planned out already. not 5 min after i saw her, i saw a car that had a rainbow gay pride sticker right next to a confederate flag sticker. i couldnt really make sense of that.

this past weekend was great. it was my brother's birthday on friday so i went to hang out with him for the weekend. i got a total of 8 hours of sleep over two nights i think. we did go walk around a bunch of flea markets on saturday, where i bought a box of unprecidented video game magic. jim found some lady that had a suitcase full of stuff, including nintendo, super nintendo, controllers, and a bunch of games for each. he got her to sell it for $20, so of course i bought it for that. it may have been the deal of the century. i forgot how great some of those games were. castlevania, super sprint, kid icarus, tecmo bowl. fun stuff.


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