Friday, August 19, 2005

gas / general public Q&A

like i said before, my office is always good for a source of comedy. at least i think so. two women and one dude were talking about how high the gas prices are right now and what the general public should do about it. both women support the mass email for no people to buy gas for one day. the dude says, "what about the people in europe? they have been paying 5-6 bucks per gallon for a while now." to which one of the women responds "yeah but there is no room to drive over there. plus they have rivers and boats they can get in." i have no need to comment on that, it speaks for itself.

also, i heard an interview of a cowboys football player on the radio yesterday, and he was asked the following questions (among others) and had the following responses:
1. who is the secretary of state?
answer: george bush
2. who is the speaker of the house?
answer: george bush
3. which continent is egypt in?
4. what is the current point of tension going on in Iran right now?
gas prices, gas, yeah

is it fair to say that the majority of the general public does not know the answers to these questions? me and andTim should do a study on this...


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