Tuesday, August 30, 2005

VMAs, hurricane reporters, mda003 update

i very much concur with andTim in regards to the video music awards. i could not have thought of many other things that would be a bigger waste of time than watching that. Diddy was boring, 50 cent's performance was aggrevating because every other word was cut out due to inappropriateness, the killers are overrated, mr chemical romance sucks, and coldplay was weak. the only bright spot was kelly clarkson going crazy with the finale. i thought that was great and i am not a kelly clarkson fan. she let loose, really got into it, and didnt care if her screams were what people wanted to hear or not. she rocked.

i could rant about the next topic for a while. i find the news depressing and stressful most of the time, and most news reporters bother me due to their overdramatic reporting. my dislike for reporting was further reinforced yesterday during the Hurricane Katrina coverage. i was at chili's with a couple buddies from work and we sat at the bar to eat lunch when fox news was covering the hurricane. they had a dude out in the actual hurricane (circa 110mph winds) in a raincoat gettin blown around and poured on trying to report. the dude fell over multiple times, and only about 15% of his reporting was audible. let alone that there are zero other humans outside or anywhere near this situation. what does this report add? if you cant hear the guy and he cant even stand up, is this not completely worthless? we know there is a hurricane there and everyone should have either evacuated or gone to the superdome. so what the heck is this guy doing out there? i dont get it.

in recent micromanagement news, the mda003 has been at full throttle today. the first half dozen times mda003 got up out of chair, the agent literally stared over my shoulder for 5 seconds each time. no exagerration. so, i have been doing a loud "HMMMMMM" every time from about the third time forward. i think next time i am just going to turn around and say hello. then i will rip a massive fart. i promise to keep you posted.


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