Monday, August 29, 2005

Near Death and VMA's

This weekend was our annual Young Life leader retreat which was good fun and productive. However, we decided to play whiffleball from 2-4 pm on what might have been the hottest day of the year. The thermometer outside was reading 100 degrees in the shade. Needless to say, it was a high-intensity game, with my team winning. Of course, with the lake right there we all decide to jump in after the game and swim around. And... there is an island roughly 500 m offshore. So I decide to swim there and back. Upon returning back from the island, amidst severe dehydration and overall physical tiredness, I lay down on the ground with approximately 1% of total energy still available. I say 1% because after 2o minutes of laying there I actually could get up on my own power and walk into the condo for water. But I was down to 1% for sure.

The VMA's were of course dissappointing. Lots of hype, lots of boredom. If Green Day's little pop album was half as decent as Dookie, it might have deserved 1 nomination. But it won 7 awards, which speaks to the fact that MTV just wanted an album with an anti-Bush stance to receive extra-recognition. I hate jewelry. Men with jewelry suck. If you have diamonds on, and you are male, stop it. Who cares? All of this makes me long for the music of the early 90's- Grunge in all of its glory, flannel shirts and pants with holes in them, and Hip-Hop that was intelligent or fun. At least NWA had some legitimate social statements to make. The Beastie Boys didn't take themselves to seriously. Now we are stuck with sex and money being the ONLY themes in hip-hop. There are very few hip-hop artists out there who will come even remotely near expressing artistic value in their lyrics or music. This will be a theme in future blogs, my ranting about the abysmal state of hip-hop (and most of rock, too), so get used to it!


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