Monday, July 11, 2005

cruise, the ocean, and jd salinger

i went on a cruise over the 4th of july and went to mexico. it was a little odd not to be in the US for the 4th, not sure i will do that again. although very fun, i had a minor episode of nausea due to anxiousness/confined to small shoebox of a room. it is rare that i have such issues, but it does happen, and i do not like it. there is no control over such things. needless to say i wasnt sick, but i didnt eat dinner and basically went to bed at 830pm. when i woke up the next day, i felt fine.

the ocean is large. it is vast. and it is big. it was very cool to be on a boat in the middle of the gulf of mexico and not being able to see anything but water in all directions. it was really cool at night too, with the lights from the boat and moon shining on the whitecaps. the sunset was the best though.

i figure, heck, lets read a book on said cruise. i havent ever read The Catcher in the Rye by jd salinger so i went for it. great book. i feel as though Holden Caulfield is not the only person of his kind. i am glad i read it, lets leave it at that.

the air conditioning went out at my house yesterday. sucks. hopefully they are fixing it right now, at least enough to make it comfortable until the home warranty service duders come out.

song of the day: talk [coldplay]



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