Thursday, June 02, 2005

Destruction of Golf Balls

So, a few weeks back I volunteered to help with a computer system overhaul here at the office which included working late on a Friday night, then coming in until a little after lunch on Saturday.
And yesterday I was rewarded by getting a half day off to play golf. Which was great. The first few holes were a little rocky, as I hadn't had a chance to warm-up properly, but once I got going- wow. Beastly drives. I drove a Par 4 in one. 313 yards. Unfortunately, my putting left something to be desired, as I did not one-putt a single hole. But, my gosh was I able to mash the driver. What a great feeling. Every par 4 or 5 on the back nine I put drives out beyond 270, several of which were closer to 300 yards. Anyway. I am not the world's greatest golfer, but man is it fun when you're on. My tour dreams are still alive.


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