Monday, June 06, 2005


como esta amigos

if you happened to read my 2 part epic blog on my more-or-less failed attempt to run a 5k a while back (i had to stop and walk due to exhaustion), you will be happy to hear the following blog. this past saturday i entered into my second 5k of the year, another Race for the Cure 5k that donates proceeds to breast cancer research, and i finished. i will not go on much about this, because i do not feel it is much of an accomplishment to report that i ran an entire 5k without walk, but my time was sub 28 minutes (not sure exactly since we crossed at 31:30 but we started the race in the back/middle. no telling how long it took us to cross the start line and officially begin our time) and i am happy with that. i will continue to train as one of my college roomates, Sir Wolters of Naughty, and i are running a half-marathon this fall. scary.



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