Friday, June 10, 2005

sorry couch, i owe you one

it was only a matter of time before there was a post on the total waste of time that is incorrectly labeled as "reality tv". my wife was watching some show where they follow around britney spears and her husband kevin and video their daily activities. this is not interesting. please remove it from the television. purge my cable subscription from the Malignant Time Vulture (mtv) and give my coax relief from this pain.

not that this is a risky statement, but this show has zero value. in fact, it has negative value. it could be described as a no-value circus of crap. think of all the things one could be doing instead of setting up camp on the couch only to allow the mtv time thieves to pilfer minutes of your life. i have such passion about the level of suck that these shows embody. i actually left the room and went to pay bills, and had a smile on my face while doing so due to the change in my mood after removing myself from the contemptible emporium that was sucking the life force out of my living room. i actually felt bad for the couch. i mean, it didnt get a say in what channel it had to watch. i would be willing to bet the thing would have rather been set on fire, or peed on, or maybe even taunted with near-caustic sarcasm. couch, please consider this my formal apology for not removing you from the room. i will buy you a lovely decorative pillow on my way home to make up for the hurt.



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