Wednesday, June 29, 2005

forgiveness and golf

i just had a random epiphany about forgiveness. to forgive someone is to act as if each time you see them, it is the first time you have ever met them in regards to their past. no premonitions, no judgements, no opinions, no defense. it is to have a clean slate and a serving heart. and yes, it took me this long to really form a true understanding of this.

i played a round of golf after work yesterday. it was fantastic. getting outside after a long day and knockin the little white ball around is a good way to experience the outdoors after being asphyxiated by recycled air all day. never mind the two-headed-retina-burning monster of fluorescent lights and computer monitor positioned at .27 meters from my face. after the first 9 holes, i was 3 over. this is a personal record i think. great start, but on the back 9 my game revolved into the more typical scoring of a +11. still, pretty good round for me.

alright, back to work. i have to deal with fort hood (texas), fort lewis (washington), and the city of brownsville, tx permit department today. have a good one.


song of the day: "ball and biscuit" by the white stripes *must be listened to at high volume


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