Thursday, June 23, 2005

the beast list

on one very important night of the history of the legend of 1210, circa 2:07am, a masterpiece was created. actually created is the wrong word, it was "discovered". myself, along with andTim, trav, terry t, and the double/triple bach gathered in committee to develop the first official "beast list". this list was comprised of the top 50 manimals of all time, all honored due to amazing courage, achievement, tuffness, strength, and raw beastliness. the list is composed of people from all times, of all ages, and all backgrounds. the only real criteria being that each beast/manster (combination of man and monster) has exhibited something that is far beyond the capacity of achievement for the common man. i will track down the official beast list and post the 50 manimals as soon as i can.

i would like to officially nominate a new beast. i listen to the sports radio 1310 "the ticket" almost every morning on my drive to work and today they were going thru unusual news from around the world. most were funny, this one particular story was amazing and worthy of notation. a 74 year old man from kenya was out in a field on his property (he is a farmer) and was hacking some brush. he was in some tall grass with a machete when a leopard had been hunting him and was on a sprint directly at him and pounced on him. it happened so fast that he was unable to swing his machete and ended up dropping/losing it in the grass. somehow before he gets mauled by the leopard, he manages to RIP OUT THE TONGUE of the leopard, after which aforementioned leopard halts attack and ends up bleeding to death. kenyan duder is certainly a bit hurt but survives and chalks up a killed-leopard-with-bare-hands to his name, and saved his own life. solid effort kenyan leopard duder. you have earned your nomination and will be under consideration for the 2005 induction into the beast list.



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