Monday, May 23, 2005

weekend happenings

a few interesting things happened this weekend. typically my weekends consist of homebuying tasks and trips to bed bath & beyond pasted together with an occasional meal jammed in between. this weekend however, was a bit different for an old married guy like myself.

a very cool/encouraging random event happened on friday after i got home from work. we had a ups thing on our door earlier in the week (wednesday) but neither me or kristen ordered anything, so we had no idea what it was. package was delivered on friday, and it was something from crate & barrel (a terrific store for the married couples of america). we registered with crate & barrel when we got married, but that was almost a year ago, and both of our birthdays are in april, so that is pretty much out of the question as well. or is it? we opened the package and found a card with a note that said "God's blessings for you!" that was it. no name signed, nothing. the gift was a glass pitcher off of our registry. i have seen my share of Bond movies so i play 007 and dig through the box for any other form of buyer/sender ID. there is a receipt in the box amidst the packaging, and the purchaser was from a town a hadnt heard of in Georgia. neither of us have any clue who this person is and are certain we have no connection to them, except Christianity. this was truly a random act of kindness and it was awesome.

sunday we woke up circa 530am to go out to watch fred funk play his round with our friends james and charlotte, barry and his girlfriend lindsay, and james' parents. quite fun but quite early since we had to be in ft. worth by 715am. fred played alright sunday, but he barely made the cut after friday's round, and fell to last place on saturday. at his worst he is still shooting par for the course and an amazing golfer. i have officially come to terms that my ambition to become a golf pro on any tour will never happen.

have a good week. do a random act of kindness yourself and dont tell anyone. unless andTim does one, then he has to blog about it.



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