Tuesday, May 24, 2005

My Weekend Story (the good)

So.... Saturday night, a friend of mine, Megan Gilbride had a little going away party in Houston which of course was held at a bar on Montrose. For the occasional tertiary reader of the MikeandTim blog who may not be familiar with the Montrose area of Houston, it is well known as being hotspot for men who like other men. Megan- who was very involved in beauty pageants had become "best friends" with her pageant coach, who is a 55- yr. old man who likes other men.
So, as a matter of reassurance about embarking on such a journey, I bring along my proven heterosexual friend, Wes Robertson. So we go down there, and go to a bar called Prive', which is small but loaded with men who like other men. Fortunately, Megan has a friend that she would like me to meet, so I start talking to her and she is cool. Wes, fearing that he may end up not being able to hang out with me much- calls up a couple of his buddies from U of H to come and hang out with us. Of course, I assume they are not going to be men who like other men, but they are. All 3 of them. I begin to see Wes in a whole new light, especially when finding out that these guys were all in marching band with him in college. Well, I end up making a slight ass out of myself with the girl, as after having a few drinks I turn her into a psychological experiment (being that she also is involved in pageants and I can't help myself) instead of treating her like a normal girl. (Her inherent sass led to this as well.) Wes and "buddies" end up having fun hanging out all night, and thus was Saturday- the night andTim andWes went to a gay bar.


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