Tuesday, May 31, 2005

new residence

this past weekend my wife and i moved into a new house. quite exciting. it is roughly 3 times larger than our apartment, which is quite nice. the only real downfall is that the house also requires about 3 times more furniture. in our apartment, we never actually had a kitchen table. the living room/kitchen/office/entryway was all the same area, so there was not room for such a table. now that we have a house, we have gladly bought a kitchen table so we no longer have to haunch over the coffee table on the couch to eat. we have already been to home depot thrice and crate and barrel about 11 times. i still think that the barrel is the best value for the young american like me and andTim. great stuff, great price. pretty soon our entire house is going to morph into a crate and barrel store and the crate and barrel financials will be based solely on our purchases each quarter.

a very sincere Thank You goes out from me and Kristen to all of our friends and family that helped us with our move (andTim was there, thanks buddy). we could not have moved without each of you and we are grateful!

song of the day: "the sharp hint of new tears" by dashboard confessonal



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