Friday, May 27, 2005

Beautiful Frustration

The title probably sums up a great many things, but I am talking about one girl specifically right now. Her name is not important, but she is amazing. We met at the beginning of February, and since that time she has done her best to consume my thoughts- without even trying very hard. We've had a few great dates... the kind where the conversation was so good and we got along so well that we didn't even eat our food. Thrice this occured. However, I came on quite strong (as is normal for me) and she has things that she needs to work through before having a relationship.
So, you're me. Or I'm me. Or whatever. And there is this great girl that you only get to talk to once every week or two because she isn't ready to date you yet, even though she wants to. And she's great. She's physically beautiful, wants to travel, has a great sense of humor... in short, why should I bother to date anyone else? I even told her that last night: "I don't even want to date anyone else because I know you are there." And she counters with, "Why do you think I am not trying to date anyone else?" AHHHH! Unbelievable... the Beautiful Frustration and the waiting game. The waiting is truly the hardest part... thank you Thomas Petty and your Heartbreakers.


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