Monday, December 18, 2006

mike = slacker

yes i do. i am a slacker. i realize this. however, after all this time with no post, does this new post not seem that so much sweeter? i am watching the Colts vs Bengals game right now. it is monday night and football is really the only thing on the tele, unless of course the Mavs are on, and they are. delightful! super! and they are up by 15. its the Mavs year, get on board.

has anyone else noticed that people get freakydeaky this time of year when they are in their cars and out shopping? i dont do a whole lot of shopping, but what i have done has been littered with very impatient and aggressive natured peeps. there should be a new term separate from road rage that refers to parking lots. parking lot rage perhaps? that doesnt have the same ring to it but darddoggit it has just as much legitimacy.

something i dont like about the Christmas season is that you have a list of people you must procure gifts for, whether you have something in mind for them or not. many people i buy for are pretty easy to get gifts that they would like. there are a few that i have no idea what the heck to get them. and i mean, no idea. i have found myself walking around different stores trying to find something that they might like. what is the point of this? can i not just get a card, write some rather pleasant message in there and give them a hug? why the gift? i have probably wasted 3 hours of my life walking around trying to find a gift that is not completely worthless to some people. that is my goal. find something that they wont make pouty face when they open it and hope it is something they dont already have. do i sound like the Scrooge? i just dont see the point of buying gifts just to buy gifts. remember this is not how i approach all gift giving, just a select few that i have trouble finding gifts. anyway.

maybe my problem is that i dont have a default. i need a gift that i default to when i have no clue what to buy them. some people default to the dvd. i cant do this. the dvd is worthless to me. i like the occasional dvd i guess, but my dvd player typically fails half an hour before the end of a given movie and i can go rent movies for less than you can buy them. i think every person i dont know what i should buy them, i should default to the Shrek Chia pet. it is the most useless item i can think of, but for some reason it has an undefinable charisma. imagine you just opened a gift from an aunt that typically buys you something completely worthless, but this year you get the Shrek Chia. Ehh?? Not too shabby i say.


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