Monday, June 19, 2006

reading books and writing crap

so, how are ya? nice, thats super. just a warning, but this post is pretty aimless and you may want to get a pillow and blanky for some time in the middle when you fall asleep due to boredom.

as you may or may not know, i occasionally read books. most of us do, well, most of us near genuises/scientists do anyway. you should read more. my stepbrother read a ton when he was younger, and he is a beast at the trvial pursuit. knows more history than anyone else i have ever met. so, if nothing else, read so you can dominate at trivial pursuit. solid.

anyway, i have been reading some. just finished Brave New World by Aldous Huxley, written in the early 1900's. maybe 1930's maybe the 50's. i dont really remember. good book though. it is rather futuristic, talks about the mass production of people in a controlled "happy" environment and the contrast of the "savages" that are not integrated with their society. rather interesting, and genius thoughts throughout. i would recommend to someone who likes to read books. especially literary works of high quality. which brings me to the next book i am reading.

i started the Da Vinci Code about a week ago. this book is far from a literary masterpiece. it is written somewhat poorly and reads more like a screenplay than a book. i am only 24 chapters into the Da Vinci Code, and although it holds interest and is a page turner, it reminds me of another Clive Cussler type Dirk Pitt adventure. it is interesting and i am sure when i am finished with it i will have more thoughts and be more impressed with it, but at this point it just seems like another action/adventure/mystery novel. there must be some reason it has wicked popularity acclaim though so i should probably hold my tongue until i finish reading.

on another note, i have also been aspiring to write a book just like andTim has offered his thoughts on such. mine however will most likely be about a kid trying to find his lost BigWheel and may or may not include stick figure illustrations. or maybe i will write a book about the strategery of paper/rock/scissors. it is pretty late right now and it shows doesnt it? andTim is in Chicago right now by the way, so if you happen to be in the windy city you may want to try and contact him.


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