Wednesday, June 14, 2006

How To Be A Man In Texas

That is the title of the second "book" I have decided to write. The first one, well it is still in the works- let's just stay that it is being put on hold until I have the inspiration to finish it. Right now HTBAMIT is taking priority.

Really the book is about being a man anywhere, but given that most of my life has been spent in Texas and that Texas has its own identity and culture, I thought it might be more fun to direct the writing toward people and places I know best.

So, faithful blog readers... here is where you come in. I am looking for what defines masculinity to you. Not to others, but for you- and yes, this is for the female readers of I have several hypotheses that I am writing from, but it would be interesting to see how "on-target" I am with some of the thinking that is serving to inspire the book.

If the Walkman was the inspiration for the first book, then Homer Simpson might be considered the inspiration for the second book. And no, I am not about to deify Homer Simpson. Although the Simpson's is a great show. And funny. And has good theme music. Okay, back to real work.


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